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I am a lifestyle kinkster with a background on both sides of the riding crop. My extensive experience as a switch allows me insight into the many facets of kink headspaces.

Driven by curiosity and elegant sadism, I delight in untangling my subjects, providing pains and pleasures that transcend the mundane. I have boundless energy to tease and torture, and appreciate playthings who are eager for both. I have a special appreciation for dominating and coaching couples, helping them find new ways to connect.

As a trained hypnotist, I have unique tools for heightening submission. While it does not have to be used in every scene, my training in mindplay does inform my domination style. You’ll find me to be thoughtful, articulate, and skilled in roleplay.

There are many sides of me to explore. While I am classy, well-read and well-spoken, I can also be rough and cruel or silly and playful. Sensual, severe, sultry, silly, I enjoy all tones of play. Each session is crafted specifically to the subject, as chemistry and connection are the heart of every scene.


It is one of my greatest honors to be a kink educator. Focusing largely in hypnosis, I take great joy in bringing BDSM to others, helping them practice safely, effectively, and thoughtfully.

Online Work

I am the co-owner of Spellbound Studio with Katana Vale, a project which is the culmination of many years in online content creation. You can find my work as a producer and model all around the web.





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